Cobra Chicken


Cobra Chicken is a 4WD Vertical Spinner Beetleweight originating from Plano, Texas. It competed at its first tournament in July 2022 at Robotica in Houston, Texas and made its NHRL debut in the January 2023 event.

Robot Facts

Cobra Chicken at NHRL January 2023
Builder Ryan Lu
Driver Ryan Lu
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material HDPE, T700 Carbon Fiber, 6061 Aluminum
Weapon 1/4" AR500 Drisk
Weapon Drive Twin Hyperlite 2408.5 1322Kv
Drive 1750Kv Repeat Mega Spork
Power 6s 850 mAh LiPo


Cobra Chicken was the first combat robot designed and built by Ryan Lu. Ryan Lu began designing Cobra Chicken after watching the NHRL 2022 new bots event, and was convinced after many years of following combat robotics to enter as a competitor. Its overall shape was inspired by "meta" heavyweights at the time such as Witch Doctor and Hypershock, and was chosen as a low-risk, proven design to be an entry point into combat robotics.

Cobra Chicken version 1.1 with standoff-reinforced weapon hub.

Cobra Chicken's first iteration was plagued with issues due to poor design choices. It was originally designed to run off a 4s 1300 mAh LiPo, which was found to be far oversized for the application. It used Robot Matter 1806 gearmotors as drive, and the typical Propdrive 2836 for weapon. Due to limited resources, the original chassis was entirely 3D-printed and suffered endless mechanical problems. During its first event, Cobra Chicken would shatter its weapon hub and pulleys in all of its four fights, and be forced to run a single disk after running out of spares. Its armor package never survived more than one hit before being forcefully removed from the robot.

Cobra Chicken version 1.2, post event.

Over the remainder of 2022, Cobra Chicken received a number of changes to improve mechanical reliability, but would retain mechanical part interchangeability and electrical components from the first iteration. The most noteable change was the transition to a standoff-reinforced drisk design inspired by Peter Garnache's Ablation. With vastly improved weapon reliability, Cobra Chicken would end 2022 with two 1st place finishes at local events around the Southern US area.

Beginning in October 2022, Ryan Lu used his experience in previous events to begin a completely new iteration of Cobra Chicken. It received a complete mechanical and electrical overhaul, retaining only its rubber Lego tires and wheel axels from the previous version. This first new iteration was completed in December 2022, and made its NHRL debut at the following event in January 2023.



  • Rank: #129 in 3lb.
  • Last 5 fights: WWWWL
  • Current streak: L1 (0 KOs/KO'd)
  • Longest winning streak: 4 (4 KOs)
  • Longest losing streak: 1 (0 KO'd)
  • Avg fight time (seconds): 79.4


Year Events Fights W L % KOs KO'd
2023 1 5 4 1 0.800 4 0
All-Time 1 5 4 1 0.800 4 0


Date Fought as Reached Place Fights W L KOs KO'd
January 28, 2023 Cobra Chicken Quarterfinals 5 4 1 4 0


Opponent Fights W L KOs KO'd Last Meeting
CAT-tastrophe 1 1 0 1 0 January 28, 2023
Chupa-thingy 1 1 0 1 0 January 28, 2023
Brute 1 1 0 1 0 January 28, 2023
Supreme Ruler 1 1 0 1 0 January 28, 2023
Púca 1 0 1 0 0 January 28, 2023

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Full Fight History

Date Opponent Round Result By Points Fight Length (s) Video
January 28, 2023 CAT-tastrophe Preliminary Fight Win KO 1.00 60
January 28, 2023 Chupa-thingy Round 2 Win KO 1.00 37
January 28, 2023 Brute Round 3 Win KO 1.00 47
January 28, 2023 Supreme Ruler Round 4 Win KO 1.00 73
January 28, 2023 Púca Quarterfinals Loss Judges Decision -1.00 180

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