Havoc All-Stars 2023


Havoc All-Stars

On December 5-7, 2023, we will host Havoc All-Stars, a one-of-a-kind event!

Celebrate NHRL's incredible 5-year journey with Havoc All-Stars, a thrilling 3-day event from December 5-7 2023!

Join us for epic battles across three weight classes (3lb, 12lb, and 30lb), featuring NHRL stars past, present and future, along with surprise famous faces from the worlds of science, tech and engineering. We will reveal who in the coming weeks.

Tune in on YouTube at 7pm EST each night, or grab your tickets for an exclusive in-person experience at the House of Havoc, opening at 6pm. If you’re coming in-person, expect unique viewing options completely new for this event.

This event will feature robot combat akin to the World Cup, with 4 groups of 3 robots each. The top two bots from each group will advance to slug it out in the quarterfinals, and semis, leading to the grand finale on Thursday, Dec 7.

Witness the crowning of our inaugural Havoc All-Stars champions, who'll take home cash prizes and a coveted new trophy, joining the ranks of the Golden Brett.

We’ll have a ton of entertaining fights, features, and exhibitions around the tournament, so it will be the most packed 3 hours of robot based fun each night the internet has ever seen!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks ahead.

Buy tickets to watch the event in-person here:

Tournament Format

The tournament will consist of two stages: the group stage and the bracket stage.

In the group stage, 12 bots of each weight class will be split into 4 groups of 3. Each bot will fight the other bots in its group once, for a total of 2 fights per bot.

Standings in a group are determined by points. A knockout or tapout is worth 3 points, and a judge’s decision is worth 2 points. We will also track fastest knockout and average judge’s score for tiebreaker purposes.


Here is the fight schedule for the weekend.

Here are 3lb group standings.

Here are 12lb group standings.

Here are 30lb group standings.

Here are our brackets:

3lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_dec23_3lb/info

12lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_dec23_12lb/info

30lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_dec23_30lb/info

Freestyle: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_nov23_fs

We are using True Finals, our new bracket platform, to run this event. The bracket will start the day showing placeholders. We will start populating each bracket after that weight class' Boss round is complete, and it will periodically update.

In addition to showing the bracket, True Finals will let you see which bot is in which cage, and you will be able to see all fights, including qualifiers and grudges.

You can see all non-bracket fights in the "Exhibition" page. Despite the name, this is where Qualifier fights will show up.

The "Players" page shows a list of bots, plus the placeholders for the day. If a bot is listed as "not participating," that simply means it hasn't made the bracket yet. This will be updated during the Qualifier rounds.