Luma Robotics

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Luma Robotics is a team created by youtuber Lumakid100 that has competed at two Norwalk events and is looking to get at least one fight in every weight class.

Team Members

(Note: This will be updated as the team grows.)


Robot Image Weight Class Competitions Record Status Years Active
Luma’s Weed Whacker 3 Luma's Weed Whacker 3 NHRL November 2022.jpg Beetleweight March 2021
May 2021
November 2022
7 Wins
6 Losses
Hiatus 2021-2022
Luma’s Plow 1 Luma's Plow 1 Norwalk March 2021.jpg Minibot March 2021 N/A Active

(Note: Forfeits will not count towards the win/loss record like they do on the Ultimate Robot Archive.)

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 6