June 1, 2024

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We're very excited about our Teams event on June 1! This event will be different from our other events in a few important ways, so we ask that you read all of this to understand the differences.

The event will pit 16 teams against each other. Each team will have a 3lb, 12lb, and 30lb bot. Each weight class will have a winner and prizes, with the heavier weight classes getting bigger prizes, but there will also be an overall winning team across all 3 weight classes. Any given driver may drive only one bot across the whole event.

This event will not count for 2024 stats, rankings, or World Championship qualification. If you are selected to compete, it will not affect your chances of being selected for other 2024 events.

We're going to design and print jerseys for each team. Your whole team will wear them. Your team will be allowed to sell these jerseys in our on-site and online merch stores. You are welcome to help design the jerseys, but all designs are subject to NHRL approval.

And also, [REDACTED]! We're especially excited about this part, and can't wait for [REDACTED].

We need to be clear that applying and being accepted for this event is a commitment on both NHRL’s part and the team. NHRL will be investing a lot of time and resources into each team and so we urge you to only submit a team if you are 100% confident you will make the event with a competitive and fully functioning team and robot in each weight class.

Here are some things that we're going to ask for, from each team that applies. If selected, your team will sign an agreement where you will consent to everything below.

Any bot you include on your team MUST be ready to go, on the day before the event. We're serious about this. If the bot doesn't exist in physical form right now, do not sign up with it. If you're not sure it will be ready, do not sign up with it. If the builder isn't sure they'll get time off, and they don't want anyone else to handle it, do not sign up with it.

Your team must check into the House of Havoc (88 Day Street) the day before the event. Everyone must be here by 7 pm on May 31. We know this is tricky for some competitors, but it's vital for an event like this, since we require so much planning. Again, if you cannot make this then the event is not for you - and that’s totally ok.

When you check in, your bot has to be ready or close to ready. Shaking out gremlins is okay and understandable, but do not show up with a pile of parts that still need to be assembled, or a bot that does not or has never worked.

We will pay for your jerseys, and you can help design them! There will be space on the jersey for sponsor logos, and you are allowed to add sponsors. All jerseys will need to be fully approved by NHRL. We can and will sell these jerseys in the NHRL stores and we will pass along the profits for these jerseys from this event to each team.

Your team will wear your team's jerseys for the duration of the event. There may be other dress code requirements as well.

There will be a confidentiality clause in the agreement. That's because of [REDACTED], of course. You won't be allowed to discuss event details for a certain period of time. The clause will only apply to this event; other NHRL events, and NHRL in general, are things you can still discuss publicly.

If any of your bots drop out from the event, or are unable to fight, we may charge your team for your jerseys. These jerseys will be expensive to make, but we don’t mind covering the cost, as long as you are able to fight with your bots on the day of the event. If you are unable to compete, then you will have to cover the costs instead.

We hope you're as excited about this opportunity as we are! It's going to be a big step forward for everyone involved! And we can’t wait for you to [REDACTED].

Applications are closed for this event. We will announce selected teams soon.