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Chonkiii With Flat Shell
Chonkiii With Tapered Shell

Chonkiii is the third iteration (identified by the three i's in the name) of a 45 lb shuffling shell spinner from Georgia Tech's RoboJackets. Chonkiii is actually not based off of Gigabyte, instead we were inspired to make a shuffler from how noisy Knock Off White was in the Motorama test box and a giant shell just happened to be the best way to make a big, noisy, and "chonky" robot.

Builder GT RoboJackets (See below for Chonkiii members)
Drivers Brian Epstein, Jacques Wang
Weight Class 30lb
Body Material Aluminum Chassis, Heat Treated 4140 Shell
Weapon 24lb Shell with AR500 Impactors
Weapon Drive 2 X Scorpion 4035-380KV, Friction Drive
Drive Turnigy Aerodrive 4250-500KV, Dual Cam Shuffler
Power Weapon: 6S 2000mah MaxAmps for each weapon motor

Drive: 5S 3250mah MaxAmps

Transmitter/Receiver Taranis Q X7, FrSky X8R


  • Sydney Baker (Lead)
  • Mihir Nagaraj (Mentor)
  • Brian Epstein (Mentor)
  • Janie Edgar
  • Jacques Wang
  • Cade Tyler
  • Dan Vail
  • Christopher Bellflowers
  • German Ortega
  • Andrew
  • Gray
  • Maddie


At its core, Chonki is designed to absorb large hits and win through attrition. Chonkiii’s full body shell ensures that, when spun up, Chonkiii does not have a clear weak spot. The tapered shell is ¼” thick and weighs 24lbs. To accommodate for the increased weight, Chonkiii uses a shuffling drive system and utilizes a 150% weight bonus.


The overall frame of the chassis forms a cylinder that fits inside of the rotating shell resting on top of it. The self-right bar extends from the top of the center shaft to enable the bot to re-right itself if it is ever flipped on its top. The HPDE side plates on each side of the bot provide protection for the internal electronics while also not adding much weight. These features can be seen in the image of the chassis below.


Chonki utilizes a shuffler system for drive. It consists of two shuffler modules, each with 4 UHMWPE feet. The feet sit on two parallel, keyed cam shafts. These allowed for the four feet to be positioned 90 degrees from each other, so feet would always be in contact with the ground through the cam shaft's rotation. To fit inside the feet get smaller as they move away from the chassis. The longer feet have fillets to clear the rollers and support which they sit under. The cams have offset keyed holes to accommodate the shafts and sit inside circular cutouts in the feet, which keep them parallel with the ground as it walks. The use of the shuffling system allowed Chonki a weight bonus, bringing the max weight to 45 lbs.


Since the weapon on this bot also serves as its armor, it was imperative that the weapon be large enough for the robot to fit inside. An additional constraint was that it must be small enough that a reasonable thickness could be attained while still remaining under the desired percentage of the total weight of the robot (~50%).

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