September 14, 2024


September 14, 2024 is one of the qualifying events in the NHRL schedule. Note that this is the rescheduled date of our postponed August 10 date.

Like our previous Norwalk events, we will have the following reg caps: 96 3lb bots, 24 12lb bots, and 16 30lb bots. If we have more registered 30lb bots than 12lb bots, we will swap those caps.

The registration link will be posted here at about 12 pm EDT on Monday, July 22. It will also be posted on our Discord, and emailed to anyone subscribed to our mailing list as a builder. Note that with our new 2024 registration system, there is no longer a need to sign up immediately when registration opens.

Registering for the event

We have a new registration system for 2024! Read more about it here.

Hotel info

You have two choices of hotels for this event.

  1. We have a block at the EVEN hotel. You can book it here.
  2. You may book at the Norwalk Inn. For this, you must call them: (203) 838-2000 or toll free at (800)-303-0808. Use the group code "2409NHR", and tell them it's for the "NHRL September qualifier" block of rooms. This block is open until August 12.