Luma's Plow 1

Luma's Plow 1 as seen at NHRL March 2021

Robot Facts

Builder Lumakid
Driver Lumakid (Normally)
Team Luma Robotics
Weight Class 1lb (minibot at Norwalk)
Body Material 6061 Aluminum (chassis), Polycarbonate (top and bottom panels), Titanium (wedge)
Weapon Wedge
Drive Botkits 16mm DC Gearmotors
Battery 300 mAh 3S LiPo battery

Fight history

Norwalk Havoc Robot League March 2021

Luma’s Plow 1 with Luma’s Weed Whacker 3.

Luma's Weed Whacker 3 vs Sacrificer

The fight started with Luma's Plow 1 missing the charge while Sacrificer and Luma's Weed Whacker spun up. Luma's Plow then backed off as Sacrificer went to Luma's Weed Whacker who tore off its feeder wedge and shot it to the center of the arena. Luma's Plow then went in again to run interference while Luma's Weed Whacker gathered its bearings. Luma's Plow then backed off so Luma's Weed Whacker could finish the job. Luma's Weed Whacker tore off Sacrificer's main wedge and Sacrificer tapped out.

Norwalk Havoc Robot League May 2021

Luma's Plow 1 vs Mini Huge

(Grudge match)

The fight started with Luma's Plow charging at Mini Huge and Mini Huge falling on its side. Luma's Plow controlled the whole fight. The fight went to a judges decision where Luma's Plow 1 won.

Luma's Plow 1 vs Spear vs Shield

(Grudge match)

The fight started with Spear spinning up, Shield not doing anything, and Luma's Plow charging at Spear and pinning it to the wall. Spear then lost the use of its weapon due to an ESC reset. Luma's Plow proceeded to dominate the entire match and win the subsequent judges decision.  

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