Absolute Chaos Robotics



Absolute Chaos Robotics is an insectweight team that was founded in 2016 and has only grown from there. ACR's greatest claim to fame so far is qualifying for the NHRL Grand Finals twice with debut hobbyweights.

Team Members


Robot Image Weight Class Competitions Years Active Wins/Losses
Portable Apocalypse Beetleweight November 2021 2021 2-2
Apex Predator Beetleweight November 2021 2021 4-2
Antisocial Distancing Hobbyweight November 2021
2021 Finals
(Dropped Out)
2021 3-2
Omnivore Beetleweight May 2022 2022 3-2
Bottom Feeder Hobbyweight May 2022
2022 Finals
2022 4-2
Remora Minibot 2022 Finals 2022 N/A
  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 10

Kits Developed

Outside NHRL

Absolute Chaos Robotics is a regular at events like Motorama and NERC and can be seen at numerous events at or near Delaware testing new designs.