April 20, 2024

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April 20, 2024 is one of the qualifying events in the NHRL schedule.

See the list of competitors here.

See the waitlist here.

Join the waitlist here.

See the qualifying round matchups here.

IMPORTANT: If you're thinking of bringing a bot that's not selected for the tournament or on the waitlist, and it is a hazard bot (e.g. it has pneumatics, hydraulics, flames, heat, ICE engine, or a fast tip speed), please email us before March 30 to let us know about it ahead of time.

Any hazard bot not part of the tournament or waitlist that we don't know about ahead of time will not be let into the building on event day.


Here are our brackets:

3lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_apr24_3lb/info

12lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_apr24_12lb/info

30lb: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_apr24_30lb/info

Freestyle: https://truefinals.com/tournament/nhrl_apr24_fs/info

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a fight marked "HLD," its winner has not been finalized yet! It may show a winner, but that winner could change. Please wait a few minutes until the fight updates and the "HLD" label disappears; that result is final. This HLD label will just be for this event.

We are using True Finals, our new bracket platform, to run this event. The bracket will start the day showing placeholders. We will start populating each bracket after that weight class' Boss round is complete, and it will periodically update.

In addition to showing the bracket, True Finals will let you see which bot is in which cage, and you will be able to see all fights, including qualifiers and grudges.

You can see all non-bracket fights in the "Exhibition" page. Despite the name, this is where Qualifier fights will show up.

The "Players" page shows a list of bots, plus the placeholders for the day. If a bot is listed as "not participating," that simply means it hasn't made the bracket yet. This will be updated during the Qualifier rounds.