August 12th 2023

Hot Bot Summer

Hot Bot Summer

Welcome to our August 12 event, Hot Bot Summer!

Competitors can register here.

Here is the list of registered bots.

Learn more about our competitors here.

As in June, multiple registrations from the same builder are allowed; however, if we get to 160 registrations in 3lb, we will remove multiple entries from the same captain. We will have a hard limit of 160 registrations in 3lb from unique captains.

There are no registration limits for 12lb and 30lb bots at this time, but we are keeping an eye on it, and will announce any changes as soon as we can.

Registration will be open until Saturday, July 29 at 11:59 pm EDT. There is a $25 per bot registration deposit, which will be refunded after the event, as long as you check in at the event with your bot.

Weapon Restrictions

Flamethrowers will be allowed at this event. Fireworks and rocket motors will not be allowed at this event.


Here are Round 1 Qualifier matchups for all weight classes.

Here are our brackets:




We are using True Finals, our new bracket platform, to run this event. The bracket will start the day showing placeholders. We will start populating each bracket after that weight class' Boss round is complete, and it will periodically update.

In addition to showing the bracket, True Finals will let you see which bot is in which cage, and you will be able to see all fights, including qualifiers and grudges.

You can see all non-bracket fights in the "Exhibition" page. Despite the name, this is where Qualifier fights will show up.

The "Players" page shows a list of bots, plus the placeholders for the day. If a bot is listed as "not participating," that simply means it hasn't made the bracket yet. This will be updated during the Qualifier rounds.


Our predictions challenge is open! Try to predict the top 4 bots of each weight class.

Here is how our fans have voted so far.

What to expect at NHRL

Whether you attend NHRL as a competitor or as a spectator, it's an unforgettable experience! Here's what to expect.

We have eight cages where robot fights happen, in two different areas!

One area is the Steel Arena, which contains Cages 1 and 4, for 12lb and 30lb bots, and Cages 2 and 3, for 3lb bots.

Another area is the Titanium Stage, which contains Cages 5, 6, 7, and 8 both for 3lb bots.

We have a bunch of other great things that all our spectators can check out.

  • Our Bot Museum, with notable bots you may have seen on TV.
  • An outdoor patio, with plenty of food trucks with delicious offerings.
  • The Brett Experience, where you can try your hand at driving Brett the Brick.
  • The Sparky Store, where you can buy souvenirs like t-shirts and stickers.
  • A sign-making station, where you can support your favorite competitors.

Spectator tickets run as low as $15. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian 18 or over. Children 4 and under get in free.

If you're a competitor, you're in for a treat! We welcome competitors of all backgrounds and skill levels. Here's what you can expect...

  • An enormous pit area on the second floor.
  • A large workshop filled with all sorts of tools to help fix your bot.
  • An amazing, supportive, and helpful community.
  • No registration fees! (There is a $25 per-bot deposit that's refunded after you attend the event.)
  • The best competition in the world!

Watching NHRL Online

All NHRL events are livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

Spectating at NHRL

Come see some robot carnage up-close and personal! Click here to buy tickets for any of our upcoming events!

All NHRL events are open to public spectators. Adults and children over the age of 4 can purchase an all-day access pass for $10. This will give access to all of the spectating areas around all the fighting cages, as well as the spectator lounges, Bot Museum, and other fun combat robotics attractions. Spectators under the age of 4 are admitted for free. Any spectator under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18.

Also, look for our VIP tickets, where you can relax in our lounge, experience our fights close-up, and go on a behind-the-scenes tour!

Read more about our spectator experience.

Competing at NHRL

Want to come fight at NHRL?

NHRL is open to competitors of any experience level. Before building/bringing a bot to NHRL, make sure to review our bot design rules!

There is a $25 deposit for each bot you register. As long as you check in for the event, you'll get your deposit back a few business days later. Signups close 2 weeks before the event.

Read more about competing at NHRL here.