Selling at NHRL


Do you have awesome stuff for your bot? Sell it during our events at the Sparky Store!

Selling at the Sparky Store

The Sparky Store, from December 2022

The Sparky Store is near the entrance of our facility where we sell official NHRL-branded items, as well as items from bot builders. We are happy to sell your bot's merchandise! Here's how it works:

We will only sell "souvenir"-style merchandise, like clothing, stickers, magnets, and so on. We also sell some wooden bot kits meant for younger fans.

By selling at the Sparky Store, you will get dedicated space for your merchandise, one 5"x7" sign with your team/bot name (and logo, if you provide it), and a pre-paid shipping label that you can use to ship your merchandise here.

We reserve the right to not sell any item for any reason. If you're worried about this, email us to discuss the item you're concerned about.

Important dates

  • About two Mondays before the event is the last day fill out the merch information form.
  • About two Tuesdays before the event is the last day to ship your merchandise and have it arrive in time for the next event.
  • About two Fridays before the event is the last day your merchandise can arrive and have it added to our stock for the event. It is also the last day you can send us the packing list for your item.

Sending us merch to sell

If you'd like to sell to us, please fill out this form here.

When packing your merch, make sure different designs and sizes are separated well. For example, put all M shirts of one design in a bag, L shirts of that design in a second bag, and XL shirts of that design in a third bag, seal the bags with tape, and pack them into a shipping box. If you have another design, do the same thing, putting all the different sizes in different sealed bags, and so on.

If what you're sending doesn't have sizes, like stickers or magnets, you can put each design in its own separate bag.

If your items do not arrive in time, we never receive item information, and/or your items aren't separated by design and style, we will make our best effort to make the items available, but we cannot promise that it will be available for sale at the Merch Shop.

We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in shipping.

After the event

Once the event is over, if you are attending the event, you may collect any unsold merch from the Sparky Store. If you don't collect it, we will keep it for the next event.

A few days after the event, we will send you the amount of money your items sold for via service you provided for us in the form, minus 10% to cover credit card and administrative costs.

Selling outside the merch booth

If you don't want to sell items at the Sparky Store, you may sell at your pit table, with the following caveats:

  • You must handle all payments yourself.
  • You may only sell in the pit area. You may not sell anywhere else, including the spectator space.
  • We reserve the right to stop any of your sales for any reason.
  • You may not sell anything illegal.
  • You may not sell anything that will burn the building down.

You may sell bot parts this way. Note that this does not indicate an endorsement by Havoc Robotics of any bot parts sold in the pits. Caveat emptor!

These rules are subject to change in the future.