Who cares?


Who cares? is a Wii remote controlled beetleweight built by Kyle Mitard, the guy writing this page (who knew! or should I say who cares?). It is heavily inspired by Fully Defined (built by my former college roommate), and by heavily inspired I mean I like to call it "legally distinct Fully Defined." The "legally distinct" part comes from its weapon; a wide drum similar to my plastic antweight would be too heavy and requires complex and/or expensive machining, which I try to avoid as much as possible. Thus the "quadrisk" - a weapon similar to most drisks but this time there's 4 of them, with the option to add a fifth by sacrificing the center fork. However in practice, the hub that the quadrisk blades slid onto and pulley that drives it required machining, and the former bent in its inaugural event in such a way that it cannot be disassembled. Oh well - that's what we in the business like to call "new bot issues," though I have plans to address that...

Hold up did you say Wii remote?

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About the name...

The name comes from an exchange I had with either Gabe or Alex Brown of Clyde at my first plastic antweight competition...

"Hey Kyle your robot needs a name."


"That could work."

That was a knee-jerk response induced by me being quite stressed after the build process of my first plastic antweight, where I downloaded SolidWorks on Thursday night and learned CAD, designed the robot, and haphazardly assembled it for the competition on Sunday. Also, in my vain attempts to get the Wii remote control working, I accidentally plugged a 3s LiPo into my laptop's USB port, killing it at 3AM Sunday. I have since learned how to safely implement Wii remote control

Robot Facts

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Builder Kyle Mitard
Driver Kyle Mitard
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material TPU wide boi
Weapon so like imagine a peter bar but there's four (five?) of them
Weapon Drive Repeat 2836
Drive Rectified 22mm
Power 4s 850mAh



  • Rank: #275 in 3lb.
  • Last 5 fights: WLWL
  • Current streak: L1 (0 KOs/KO'd)
  • Longest winning streak: 1 (0 KOs)
  • Longest losing streak: 1 (0 KO'd)
  • Avg fight time (seconds): 180.0


Year Events Fights W L % KOs KO'd
2024 1 4 2 2 0.500 0 0
All-Time 1 4 2 2 0.500 0 0


Date Fought as Reached Place Fights W L KOs KO'd
April 20, 2024 who cares? Opening Round 4 2 2 0 0


Opponent Fights W L KOs KO'd Last Meeting
Doom 1 1 0 0 0 April 20, 2024
Droptop 1 1 0 0 0 April 20, 2024
Gnocchi 1 0 1 0 0 April 20, 2024
Half-life 1 0 1 0 0 April 20, 2024

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Full Fight History

Date Opponent Round Result By Points Fight Length (s) Video
April 20, 2024 [[]] Qualifiers Rd. 1 Forfeit 1.00
April 20, 2024 [[]] Qualifiers Rd. 2 Judges Decision -1.00 180
April 20, 2024 [[]] Qualifiers Rd. 3 Judges Decision 1.11 180
April 20, 2024 [[]] Opening Round Judges Decision -1.00 180

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